Speaker Check Paperwork

Here is a kid-pix-style map (who remembers kid-pix?) showing the walking path for speaker check.

Published: 08/02/2018

Some Paperwork from 2017

Here is some season paperwork I generated for our wordclock and video distribution at the Goodspeed Opera House.

Distribution of Conductor Cam and Front of House IR Cam

Distribution of WordClock from Clock source to all clocked devices

Published: 08/02/2018

A Sign of the Times – Summer 2016

Here’s some examples of the mix paperwork I prepared for Goodspeed’s production of the new musical, “A Sign of the Times,” which featured a score of songs made famous by Petula Clark and other artists from the early 1960s.  Book by Bruce Vilanch, Directed by Gabriel Barre.

A day in the show life with actress Crystal Lucas-Perry

For access to PDFs, please click links below image.

This document generates itself in Excel using a series of INDEX and LOOKUP functions. When watching the run-throughs in the rehearsal studio, I create my own actor/console scene breakdown horizontally in order to know who needs to be in which control group for each moment of the show.

Tracking Document

RF Schedule

Selected Pages for Mix Script

Run Sheet

Published: 04/09/2016

Caucasian Chalk Circle

Here is some of my work as Wireless Microphone Technician on Yale Repertory Theatre’s production of The Caucasian Chalk Circle by Bertolt Brecht.  As is my custom, these notes were printed on 3×5 index cards that I kept in my cargo pocket and used in order to reference what my duties were throughout the show.


These tasks were printed on 3x5 notecards that I used to keep track of my show duties.

In addition to being the “Mic Bunny” for a cast of 18, I was also in charge of tracking a wireless IEM receiver that served to provide spot sound effects for both a cellphone and crying baby. The receiver needed to travel both with its attached speaker and between the two speakers in order to be plugged in at the right time and achieve the effect.

CCC Track Cards p2

Fun notes: Due to some funky hats, multiple actors had to have their earpieces switched from one side to another as the play went on, since they played multiple characters and changed costume constantly. Also, one actor had to be taken completely out of mic halfway through the show so he could be given a bath onstage!

Published: 10/04/2015

The Circus in Winter

Some samples of paperwork from my time as a Wireless Microphone Technician at Goodspeed Musicals.

RFSced_141114_DEE RFSced_141114_JANINE RunSheet_141112 TrackCards_141112

A quick note and story about the 2 RF Schedules: During the run of the show, one of our actresses took ill and since there were no understudies, our stage managers and producers made the difficult decision to cancel a few performances and let her heal. She valiantly powered through after our break, but the production company wound up hiring an alternate to stand by for her.  Based on this, and the technology we were using, we had to have a quick way to get everything ready for Actress A or Actress B.  In my case, this just meant changing a few labels, getting the correct mic rig set up with her packs, and for my mixer, it meant he had to restore the correct gain and EQ settings.  For stage management, it meant helping Actress B with the cut track for this role that she had learned in A DAY. A DAY!  For wardrobe, this meant altering the entire costume back and forth between their sizes since there was only one, so I guess we had it easy! But thanks to Janine, the show went on, and everyone did their best to help make the transition smooth.

The run sheet details my pre and post show duties, the track cards are my preferred way of tracking my during show duties, printed on a set of 3×5 index cards on a binder loop (I stole this format from my wardrobe friends) that live in my cargo pocket.

Published: 25/11/2014